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Production monitor quality meeting

Production monitor quality meeting

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In today's increasingly fierce market competition, quality is more and more important. Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. This is the best interpretation of the importance of "quality". The high and low quality dominates the vitality of enterprises in market competition. Without quality, talk about what brand, development, competition is empty talk. Especially for our manufacturing industry, quality is the cornerstone for the survival and development of enterprises. If jinbang company wants to achieve a more long-term goal, to do bigger and stronger, quality assurance is the most indispensable condition in the process of enterprise development.
Quality is related to the reputation of the enterprise, the future of the enterprise, and the success or failure of the enterprise. Nowadays, the competition in the sheet metal market is getting fiercer and fiercer. In order to compete for the market, all the major competitors compete with each other on price. In this case, if an enterprise wants to win the market competition, it can only rely on excellent product quality. Only by elevating the quality problem to the strategic height of vital importance and establishing the concept of "quality first" can we stand firm in the future market competition.
Jinbang company in 23 years of business history, has been to meet customer needs, to provide high-quality products as the business philosophy, in order to cope with the tide of development, "to win the product quality and performance, response speed and service leading" concept will be raised to a new level of management. All staff establish quality awareness, pay attention to all kinds of negative effects brought by return rework, such as customer credit, employee morale, benefit loss and so on, in the expansion of production capacity, at the same time, to make the quality become an unbreakable life line of defense, is jinbang company to withstand the test, to meet the market challenge of the task of change.
For all quality problems, the root of the problem lies in human management. Man is the main body that manages a machine, the person decides quality, not the machine decides quality. Quality is also a kind of responsibility cultivation. Every production personnel is the creator of product value, quality is made, not checked out, product quality is the embodiment of the value of every production personnel, so we must start from the grass-roots management personnel, the concept of product quality deep into the hearts of every producer.
In view of the recent quality problems and part of the personnel management and quality consciousness, on August 4, led by sheet division assistant production manager Chen Zhouyang host, director of human resources Wu Juhong, technology minister Li Changfen, second workshop production ChangSunXianWei and every class monitor of production to participate in, has carried on the discussion to the quality problem of the June and July. At the meeting, Chen zhouyang manager assistant organized each monitor to analyze the reasons for customers' return and complaints, and to implement specific rectification measures on related issues.
Wu Juhong director change on behalf of the company management team to monitor of each production has made the company to the quality of determination to reform, and the present situation of crew management issue as guidance, clear roles and responsibilities of the monitor of production in a production team, outstanding management in addition to the pipe process, safety, 5 s, production, but also to the quality of personnel training guidance, the emotional state of mind of employees and scientific and effective management. Inadequate implementation of the existing system will be warned and serious rectification proposed. After a three-hour meeting, each production monitor realized the importance of the grass-roots management role and expressed his support for the future production management and the management change of the company.
In a word, quality is the foundation of the enterprise and the life of the enterprise. Quality is produced, only the quality of stable products can produce sustained benefits. Enterprises only pay attention to the quality of the first place in the work of the entire enterprise, as the life of the enterprise to grasp, meticulous, keep improving, always continue to high-quality and efficient, only in this way, in order to remain invincible in the fierce competition.