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Guangdong Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.     粤ICP备11066138号-1      Manager

Address: No. 38, Fengxiang Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
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market insight

Adhere to customer-centered, market-driven development

Sales team

Customer service

After sale

Sincerely welcome every customer to know what they really need

Professional Solution of Customer Problems, Improvement and Innovation

Pay attention to, study and collect changes in market demand

application client

products manufacturing

Keep improving quality first

Jinbang company has mature PVC production line and PET production line.
Products are widely used in stationery, handicrafts, toys, gifts, food, medicine, cosmetics, hardware, printing, decoration and other industries.

Division and cooperation

It realizes the standardization of work flow, post responsibilities, routine handover and inspection, pre-and post-shift meeting

6S management

According to the 6S standard of "tidy up, tidy up, clean up, clean up, accomplishment and safety"

Processing Production

According to the characteristics of PVC and PET products, the company stipulates strict production process

Advanced equipment

Introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad, increase the proportion of advanced equipment, and organize production

Precision monitoring

Use modern science and technology, install precision instruments, monitor the production process, make adjustments at any time.


Fine management

Implement fine management, customer demand-oriented, strengthen execution, and achieve comprehensive, coordinated


r&d innovation

  Pay attention to and insist on product research and development to promote cost reduction and efficiency

R & D talent

The company's professional R&D team, long-term and scientific research institutions, professional colleges and universities, technology complementarity, joint development

Jinbang has two invention patents and five practical patents and new technologies to support product innovation and reduce costs and increase efficiency for the company.

Patent development

Equipped with perfect material processing, forming equipment and product performance testing equipment, can independently complete various scientific and technological plans and projects.

Professional instrument



Quality management system certification


Occupational health and safety management system certification


Environmental management system certification


Uv invention patent


Waste heat recovery film


Roll off calender


Five-roll calender


Food packaging PET


Guangdong high-tech product certificate -PET, PE


High-tech product certificate of guangdong province -GAG


Film coated with silicone oil


Film double-sided silicone oil


APET patent

quality first

Let every customer see Jinbang's determination to quality

Jinbang company has always adhered to the "quality first" policy, constantly pursuing and improving product quality, providing "quality products and services" is the eternal commitment of "Jinbang". The company will stick to the quality line and accept more challenges with the accumulated experience of implementing ISO 9001 quality management system over the years.

testing instrument

Drying oven

Gas chromatographic analyzer

Plastic proof press

Moisture meter