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The star of the sales

The star of the sales

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    On August 2, 2018, at 8:30 am, the "sales star" award ceremony of the sales department of sheet material division in June 2018 was officially opened in the meeting room of the sales department. A total of 9 persons participated in the selection of the sales star, and weighted scores were summarized through six items, such as "the number of new customers", "the number of customers receivable and unpaid", "the payback rate", "the total payback amount" and "the sales amount". The highest score was the sales star of this month.

    After a month of hard work, hu jiahao, a salesman, took the top spot in June with a score of 97.35. At the award ceremony, "sales star" hu jiahao delivered his acceptance speech and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the sales predecessors for their support and encouragement.

At last, huang jianquan, the sales manager, made a speech. He affirmed the achievements made by all the salesmen in the sales department in June, analyzed the current market situation, and deployed the next sales "battle" plan.
Only through the development of the sales team, continuous and stable internal production and operation and the efforts of functional departments, can we win more and better customers. Jinbang company each department united, united, in order to create a better tomorrow.

    Hu jiahao (first from the right) joined the sales department of jinbang company on November 13, 2017 as a salesman. In the daily work, after many months of hard work, in the work, continue to strengthen their business skills. In the question, humbly listens to the instruction, accepts the criticism bravely. Under the leadership of the sales supervisor, quickly become a qualified salesman, the results were unanimously recognized.