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Quality: the lifeline of the enterprise

Quality: the lifeline of the enterprise

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On August 7, 2018, the unit held a July quality meeting, attended by luo mingyou, director wu juhong, manager huang jianquan, manager assistant Chen zhouyang and other department heads.
At the meeting, the quality of June and rectification measures were reviewed. After a brief review, the person in charge of each workshop analyzed the reasons of customer returns and complaints in July, and put forward corrective measures for related problems. At the meeting, everyone expressed their opinions on the company's existing quality problems and factors affecting the quality of products, and expressed the urgent need for the stability and improvement of the company's product quality.
Quality emphasizes the responsibility of people. If there is a quality problem, we only know to push away from the outside, then the enterprise cannot survive, which emphasizes a problem of attitude. Refusing to take personal responsibility is a common mistake, and good managers and employees take responsibility for the results. As a manager, he/she should first learn how to find problems from himself/herself. By identifying and solving his/her problems, he/she can promote the team to achieve overall progress of the company. A company is like a machine, made up of thousands of parts with different functions. And our employees in every position are little pieces. Only when we play our respective roles and improve ourselves can we ensure the normal operation of this machine and produce better quality products.