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Embrace change and work together -- jinbang company's 2018 change process memorandum

Embrace change and work together -- jinbang company's 2018 change process memorandum

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Embrace change and work together

-- memorandum on the reform process of jinbang company in 2018

    In march, the southern earth, stretching a few days of rain, finally ushered in a gentle sun, spring sunshine. 2019 will be the 40th year of China's reform and opening-up policy and the 24th year of jinbang's establishment. With the arrival of the spring of the New Year, jinbang company again development and innovation also take a new step. In the past year, the company introduced the advantage oriented management method, initiated the mechanism reform, and clarified the strategic development direction; We carry out Suggestions and Suggestions from all staff inside the company, advocate refined production, and steadily promote optimization reform in production operation, logistics storage, marketing, corporate culture, personnel recruitment and talent team construction, etc. We will meet greater challenges and opportunities by riding the deep spring breeze of reform.


[active change and mechanism reform]

    At present, companies are faced with fierce external competition. New economic concepts such as Internet plus, intelligent manufacturing, green environment protection and big data have emerged. Traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industry is facing increasing competitive pressure. The plastic products industry is gradually standardized, the country attaches more and more importance to environmental protection, raw materials continue to rise in price, labor costs are increasingly high, if the enterprise can not adapt to change, timely transformation and upgrading, may be eliminated by the market. It is the inevitable choice for traditional plastic products company to change and adapt to the current economic situation.

             In order to adapt to the new economic and social development situation and enhance the competitiveness of the company, the company hired the founder of preponder-oriented management method and the famous management expert, Mr. Wu guangchen, as a consultant to introduce the preponder-oriented management method. Luo fuxing, chairman of the board of directors, combined with the current situation of the company, put forward the "twenty-eight" Suggestions for the core backbone, which opened the prelude to comprehensively promote the management reform of jinbang company. In May 2018, the company established a management change leadership team, established a human resource management team directly led by the board of directors, and established jinbang business school. Company will reform to stimulate the initiative and creativity of people as the fundamental, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of people as the main purpose, build can maximize stimulate enterprise and employee advantage of corporate culture, establish effective advantage of employee and enterprise of modern management system, fully arouse, cultivating and exert the initiative enthusiasm of people, excavate the potential of people, realizes the person and the scientific, reasonable and harmonious development of the enterprise.

[Suggestions and Suggestions from all staff to promote fine production]

    In order to encourage employees to give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, put forward Suggestions, and make sure that people speak their own words and people make the best use of them, so as to deepen the production and management of the company, the company began to implement reasonable Suggestions in September 2018. In 2018, 130 recommendations were adopted, 109 improvements were made, and 21 improvements are in progress. Practical Suggestions from grassroots employees are valued and adopted, which promotes the effectiveness of on-site management and enhances employees' sense of management participation. At the same time, the production workshop on the following mechanical equipment transformation: machine 1 transformed the conveyor belt, to solve the problem of 2, 3 roller cleaning difficult; Replace the roller of the main machine, reduce the crystal point of the sheet, and improve the quality of the product. Metal detector is added to detect metal, so that the roller is not easy to be crushed by metal. The number 1 machine and the number 3 machine under the double roll increase receiving basin, reduce the waste of materials; No. 3 machine refit film device, make change film more convenient, reduce waste. Baffle is added on auxiliary machine no. 4 to prevent oil from dripping onto the sheet. No. 5 machine increased the hopper, greatly reducing the amount of labor. Slitting machine for transformation, to solve the product white technical problems, so that the company's products to meet the requirements of some high-end customers.

              The workshop is constantly reconstructing the mechanical equipment to improve the quality of the products and to strive for the efficiency of the production.

[sales expand overseas market to improve market brand building]

    Enhance the development and cultivation of high-quality customers. In order to better serve customers and refine the work of sales and customer service merchandiser teams, the company optimized the team structure, clarified the team functions, and gradually clarified the relevant work assessment and incentive to stimulate employees' work autonomy and professionalism.

              The sales team and the technical quality department focused on the pain point analysis of core customers, focused on the case analysis of annual quality abnormalities, gathered the voice feedback from customers, and planned the operation optimization and market development project in the next year.
              In order to cooperate with the strategic development of the company, expand business channels and expand customer groups, the sheet material sales department increased the deep-processing transfer business on the basis of the original import and export right. Through the joint efforts of the production department, the finance department and the planning department, the transfer business has been running steadily and the company has developed overseas customers.
             In order to further expand the company's brand influence, the company joined the national sheet metal industry association to communicate industry information more closely. Revised the company's website, with a new image to face the market; Participated in the national learning project competition, won the title of pioneer model group; Update the brand of all employees, optimize the recognition of corporate identity; The core values of the enterprise are sorted out and the future vision of the organization is unified.

[start intelligent production optimization company management qualification]

    In order to realize the digital management of enterprise production, the management of the company has introduced more efficient and advanced ERP management system to further improve and strengthen the management level of the enterprise and realize the integrated management of sales, production, technology, after-sales and finance. In October 2018, the new ERP system production technology and sales module has been officially put on line, indicating that jinbang company will stride forward to be an intelligent manufacturing enterprise in the future.

             In 2018, jinbang upgraded its quality credit rating from "A" to "AA". Chances in order to meet the requirements of customers to the company more, the company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, "OHSAS 18001:2007" quality, environment and health AnQuanSan system review and certification audit, under the higher requirements of quality management, further promote internal quality systematic standardization, also marks the company to the modern enterprise management took a solid and not easy to pace.