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Lion to congratulate, start off

Lion to congratulate, start off

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Lion to congratulate, start off




      January 8, February 12, with the continuous joy of the Spring Festival, jinbang company started!

The sound of blessing, firecrackers, drums and gongs, hubbub, sound and sound, sound, sound of New Year congratulations, sound and sound played the start of the New Year horn!

       New Year scenery, myriad, everything new! In this beautiful day, you may have some expectations, hope that the business of the company is more prosperous, looking forward to personal family, career and health, etc. Well, the company invited a professional lion dance team "outside the village dragon and lion regiment" to make spring, welcome the new, for everyone to send a blessing. Two "lions" in the company's front door, office building, the door of the workshop shook their heads, circle, jump, to the public gift.


Accompanied by the noise of lion dance drums, the company staff also began the traditional worship, incense and other blessing ceremony. Cigarette curl curl, employees silently pray in the heart of the company's business is prosperous, pray everyone a happy New Year, good luck in everything.   


   Luo fuxing chairman and other company management on the scene for employees to distribute New Year red envelopes, employees smile, sent each other the best wishes!  



    Gong and drum din, booming, jin bang company will be more prosperous!

2019, the year of the golden pig, let us progress together, struggle together, together brilliant!