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Strengthen human resources management to introduce and train technical personnel

Strengthen human resources management to introduce and train technical personnel

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Strengthen human resources management
Introduce and train technical talents
After more than 20 years of development, the company is gradually growing in scale, technology, product quality has been improved, but in recent years, there is no major investment in technology upgrading and other aspects, the product is also in the middle. With the development and change of the market, the market competition is more and more fierce, the company to continue to develop, adapt to the change of the market, avoid elimination, need to improve competitiveness, and the way to improve competitiveness is through management reform, play human resources, mining the advantages of employees, enhance the soft power of the enterprise; The second is to increase the investment in technology, through increasing talent introduction and training to achieve technological innovation; Third, marketing model reform, to set more incentives linked to conditions, improve the enthusiasm of marketing personnel.
Company led by ms dong, with the help of the teacher wu, start managing change, I think it is very timely and necessary, the company change not shout slogans, but real change, such as: the introduction of ERP through strengthening the process management of informatization, combine enterprise development and staff development to implement equity incentive, etc.
The key to management reform is to do a good job in human resources, which requires a rearrangement of the current human resources work of the company. To a large extent, it is a human problem whether the enterprise does well or not. Reasonable allocation of human resources is conducive to the development of work, especially the improvement of efficiency, otherwise it is easy to lose the market opportunity. First in terms of job complement to comb, everyone's responsibility to clear, everyone has to have work to do, task, goal, poor can not do a good job to do the same, can not see good or bad, to do the same job responsibility to carry out to everyone, reduce the idle people, people, must have the evolution mechanism, form everybody together diligently struggle of atmosphere, play to their advantages, mix, this team is capable, to the common development of employees and enterprises.
Technology and quality are the key to the development and growth of an enterprise, and this reform should also be improved in this respect, to increase technological innovation and further improve quality. The key of technological innovation is still people. We should increase the combination of technical talent introduction and internal training. At present, the company is not strong enough in the introduction of technical talents. We should vigorously introduce talents from relevant colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, form an atmosphere of improving technology and improving technology within the company, and improve technology and quality by increasing incentives.
In addition, in the aspect of marketing, we are also planning changes. At present, the performance of marketing personnel is only linked to sales volume, and the next step is to further optimize the performance appraisal system. The performance of marketing personnel should be linked to sales volume, as well as sales price and payment collection, so as to promote the change of management model.


Luo Mingyou

Deputy general manager of jinbang plastic packaging co. LTD
Member of jin bang management change leading group



It's a win-win for employees and the company

The company starts the management change is for the better development of the company, is also a better way to attract and retain talents. Change is like having a baby. It will go through pains, maybe to the benefit of some people, but then there will be more happiness, which lays the foundation for the company to take off again.
The reform can make the enterprise and the employees win-win, the enterprise can develop, the employees can also develop, and have a sense of belonging, the attitude of employees to go to work changes, not just to make money and go to work, and grow together with the enterprise.
It is suggested that the reform of the company should be carried out step by step. The concept of reform should be gradually infiltrated and the management methods should be gradually improved, so as to gradually change and guide employees' thinking and consciousness, rather than firmly settle down.
It is suggested that the company should have more care for employees. For example, considering that there are more male employees in the workshop, they should consider more about falling in love and hold a fellowship with surrounding enterprises once a month or a quarter.

Sun Xianwei

Jinbang plastic packaging co. LTD
Workshop production minister



A line of voices

Huang Gongxiang

Jinbang plastic packaging co. LTD
Workshop supervisor

The management reform of the company is beneficial to the grass-roots management. Enterprise norms, such as information, will be more conducive to the management of the team after a good job.


It is the led

Gaoming jinbang plastic packaging co. LTD
Workshop supervisor

 It is normal for the company to start management change today. Management change is good for employees, especially for personal development space. I also hope to improve the working environment of the workshop.


Wang Qinming

Jinbang plastic packaging co. LTD
Workshop production staff

The management reform of the company can make the enterprise management more standardized. It is hoped that the workshop environment can be improved so that 6S in the workshop can be more standardized and better implemented.