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Discover the advantage, let the enterprise and employee grow together

Discover the advantage, let the enterprise and employee grow together

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     In the last issue of "focus on advantages and make talents more and more outstanding --" training course of preponder-oriented management model ", we introduced the basic theory, management model and differences between preponder-oriented management method and traditional management method.

Human beings play an important role in the development of enterprises. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from the growth of employees. Managers should fully discover the advantages of employees in daily work and give full play to their advantages so as to improve the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, jinbang company management consultant wu guangchen teacher on August 18 held the latest phase of training class, let us look at this phase and what knowledge points are worth learning it.


Discover employee advantage training class report 


On the morning of August 18, 2018, Mr. Wu guangchen, management consultant of jinbang company, held a training course themed "discover the advantages of employees" in our company. Senior middle and senior managers from daliang, wusha and gaoming attended the training.

Enterprise management consultant teacher wu guangchen


In the training class, teacher wu guangchen expounded the definition of advantages, the necessity of daily work to discover the advantages of employees, and some paths and methods to discover the advantages of employees. Luo fuxing, chairman of the board, luo mingyou, deputy general manager, and wu juhong, director of human resources also expressed their views.

Luo fuxing, chairman of the board, said: we should cherish every training course and apply it to our work. Regarding the reform, luo dong mentioned the goal of our company in the next three years: to become the most competitive PVC sheet manufacturer in China, and introduced a series of changes, such as the investment of new equipment and so on. In the future, some plans and measures will be introduced one after another. We should all play the role of executor.

Chairman luo fuxing spoke


Deputy general manager luo mingyou put forward about the change, we should change the concept, method, each department should coordinate harmoniously, cooperate with the implementation of the company's strategy. In addition, I will reasonably adopt the content of teacher wu's training course to make the company develop to a higher level.
Human resources director Wu Juhong mentioned "question" how dialectical view of employee complaints, and introduces the changes in the company will advance the arrangement of some of the items, the company has a process of gradual change, specific concerns include adjusting work time, size weeks execution, rationalization proposals, etc., through such change, promote all personnel within the effective working time improve work efficiency. Finally, director wu described a beautiful picture for the development prospect of the company: "we are like a battleship, looking forward to the" battleship "in all kinds of challenges can be gradually far away, better change".

Training course site



Key points of training



01    优势的新定义  

Advantage is a word that has a wide range of USES, ranging from being superior to similar situations to being superior to one's own small progress. If you make a little progress, you have an advantage. Even if this advantage cannot be compared with others' advantage, as long as you have made progress compared with yourself, you should consider it as an advantage.

02    企业离不开员工优势的发展  

Explore the advantages of employees, help employees recognize their advantages, so as to solve the potential problems of employees and promote their progress. Let employees play their own advantages, advantages are the basis for a person to grow and develop, is a person to the first step to success. The advantage of managing employees well is the cornerstone of the success of an enterprise or a team and an indispensable factor for the growth of the enterprise or team.

03    优势的分类  
Advantages can be divided into potential advantages, apparent advantages and new advantages by nature. According to the range can be divided into point advantage, line advantage and surface advantage.
Different advantages have different characteristics. According to different advantages, we should adopt different methods to encourage employees to play and grow their advantages. Teacher wu introduced several methods:
(1) to effectively motivate employees to continue their efforts.
(2) to be good at using external power to promote the advantages of employees.
(3) the goal should be clear, know where the advantages of employees are, and know what advantages the enterprise needs.
(4) to cultivate the initiative, managers should take the initiative to find and cultivate the advantages of employees.
(5) motivation should be timely, seize the opportunity, and be willing and good at motivating employees. If you wait until the daylily is cold to stimulate, then the advantage will be lost.
04    企业最重要的工作就是发现员工的优势  

"With every person's advantages, every person is a talent, with every person's shortcomings, every person is mediocre. All the talents are managers use out, out of training, not from the sky. Enterprises without talents should reflect, and managers should reflect, because there is no good talent training, there is no good talent training, about talent training, it is very important to find the advantages of employees, managers should have good judgment of the advantages of employees, and have a good attitude in order to better develop the advantages of employees.

※ The following five factors affect the judgment of managers

A. Angle factor: from different angles, the views on advantages are also different;
B. role factors: employees and managers have different views on advantages due to their different roles;
C. Value factor: with different value demands, the evaluation of advantages varies with different value demands;
D. Emotional factors: the quality of emotions affects managers' judgment of advantages;
E. Personality factors: the personality and personality of managers are also important factors that affect managers' judgment of advantages.

※ There are five good mindsets to identify strengths

A. inclusive mentality: we say that it is easy to find shortcomings, but difficult to find advantages. In fact, this is the result of our managers' lack of an inclusive mentality. The core of tolerance: that is to say, we should be able to tolerate the shortcomings and shortcomings of employees. Only when we are able to tolerate the shortcomings and shortcomings of employees can we have enough wisdom to pay attention to the advantages of employees. The power of tolerance is huge.
B. Concept of development: the advantages of employees are not always shining. In the beginning, the advantages are often very small and insignificant, or even a little deviant.
C. an equal mind: regarding employees as the real core competitiveness of the enterprise, managers will carefully discover, cultivate and utilize employees' advantages, even if their advantages are still in the embryonic stage.
D. Proactive attack: to find the advantages of employees, we should not only have a good attitude and understanding, but also have a sense of initiative.
E. Appreciation: employees should have a pair of appreciation for their advantages, no matter how big or small, strong or weak.

※ Discover five paths to advantage

A. discover the advantages of employees in learning
B. discover the strengths of employees at work
C. Discover employee strengths at social events
D. Discover employee strengths in organizational activities
E. Identify employee strengths in your complaints

※ Five ways to find advantages

A. Observation method: observe, compare and judge the words and deeds of employees, and identify the advantages of employees.
B. comparative method: it means to find out the similarities and differences of the same or different employees through observation and analysis.
C. Analysis method: based on the assumed advantages of employees, gradually find out the factors that make it true, and find the advantages of employees through the analysis and comparison of these factors.
D. Inquiry method: the method of making inquiries to employees in person, in writing, by phone or email to discover their advantages.
E. retrospective method: it is a review process. Managers find the advantages of employees through reviewing and sorting out their work and life experiences.



Guo yaoliang, sales director: the biggest value of this training course for me is how to better deal with the relationship between team members, optimize the function of team members, strengthen the cohesion of the team, and better complete the target work.
Hong lijun, hr specialist: we need to change our mindset and focus on everyone from the perspective of finding advantages. Both managers and ordinary employees should have such an inclusive mentality and treat colleagues from the perspective of advantages.
Accountant liang strontium sensitive: enterprise managers should change their mentality and actively find the advantages of employees, rather than indulge in thinking about how to correct the weaknesses and shortcomings of employees, so as to become a wooden bucket that can hold more water. It is more valuable to find the advantages of employees than to fill their weaknesses
Feng ruiting, deputy director of accounting: we should learn to find the advantages of employees in complaints, pay attention to employees' complaints, understand why employees complain, find the shining point in complaints, re-examine the problems existing in enterprise management.