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Jin bang love donation feeling warm sick workers

Jin bang love donation feeling warm sick workers

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Jin bang love donation feeling warm sick workers


On June 21, 2019, huang weixiong, an employee of jinbang company, accompanied by his mother, returned to the company to visit his colleagues and leaders whom he had not seen for a long time. Huang weixiong mother and son delivered a banner to the company, expressed the heartfelt gratitude.

Huang weixiong is a welfare worker of jinbang company. He suffers from chronic left cardiac insufficiency and diaphragmatic hernia. In mid-december 2018, a severe cold did not recover for more than 10 days, causing a series of complications that later required a ventilator to maintain life. The huge medical expenses make huang weixiong's family hard to support. On February 20, 2019, the management of jinbang company, upon learning about the plight of huang weixiong's family, immediately organized a charity donation activity and launched a donation initiative throughout the company. After a short period of three days, the company and individual employees raised a total of more than 40,000 yuan, and some employees raised donations through water drop, or through the circle of friends forwarding water drop raise donations for huang weixiong, it is impossible to one by one statistics. Jin bang company leader more special trip to guangzhou to visit hospitalized huang weixiong, and will be donated to huang weixiong mother hands.

Huang weixiong has lost weight after two major operations, but his mental condition has improved greatly and his body is gradually recovering. On the day when he returned to the company, he was able to talk and laugh with his former colleagues. When they saw his recovered body, they felt happy and pleased with his smile.
The Chinese nation has long been the traditional virtue of doing good deeds, helping the poor and helping the vulnerable, which is strongly reflected in the corporate culture of jinbang company. There are dozens of welfare workers working and living in jinbang for a long time, and the company also tries its best to take care of them. The organization of the company to huang weixiong's charitable donations, but also reflects the company has always been caring for employees of humanity. We wish huang weixiong full recovery as soon as possible, also wish the company's cause to a higher level!