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Focus on the advantages, let the talent more and more excellent

Focus on the advantages, let the talent more and more excellent

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On the morning of July 28, 2018, Mr. Wu guangchen, management consultant of jinbang company, held a training course themed with "advantage-oriented management model" in our company. A total of 43 middle and senior executives of the company participated in the training.
In class, teacher wu guangchen expounded the importance of human beings in the development of enterprises and the necessity for managers to find employees' advantages in their daily work from various aspects, and then introduced the contents and models of the advantage-oriented management method to everyone. The training mainly focuses on the following points:

Management consultant teacher wu guanchen

1. People are the core of enterprise management, and enterprises should pay attention to the advantages of people
There are five misunderstandings in the current management of enterprises: more important than the management of things, less than the management of people; Focus on the disadvantages, not the advantages; The system only restricts the problem, but does not stimulate the advantage; Emphasis on "management" rather than "management"; Manage employees with "generational traits."
2. Model of preponder-oriented management.

The advantage oriented management method takes advantage as the starting point of management, and takes the discovery, cultivation and application of employees' advantages as the core. Its purpose is to strengthen employees' advantages through discovery, cultivation and application, and guide employees to form new advantages according to the needs of enterprise development. At the same time, the advantage oriented management method also emphasizes that managers should pay attention to employees' disadvantages and guide them as an auxiliary point of advantage orientation, so as to transform them into new advantages for employees' growth through expectation, communication and guidance.
3. There are five differences between preponderant management method and traditional management method
(1) the basic concept of management is different: advantage oriented management method of zhang Yang good to suppress evil.
(2) the starting point of management is different: preponder-oriented management method advocates that all the advantages as the starting point.
The idea and method of management are different: the preponderance oriented management method advocates the continuous discovery, cultivation and play of the advantages of employees, so that the growth of employees and the development of the enterprise are running on the track of advantages.
(4) different characteristics: advantage oriented management method that the incentive of the advantage of employees is the most effective weapon to implement enterprise management.
5. Attitude towards employee problems: preponderance oriented management method advocates the inclusion of employee problems.
4. Managers can judge talents from three aspects
(1) to bear: the first problem from the subjective to find a problem, rather than an objective problem
(2) thinking: willing to think about the problem, good at thinking about the problem.
(3) action: willing to do, want to do, and I want to do, I have the ability to do.
5. Every employee has his own advantages and every enterprise has the advantages of talents.
With the advantages of each person, each person is a talent, with the shortcomings of each person, each person is mediocre. All the talents are managers use out, out of training, not from the sky. Enterprises without talent enterprises should reflect, managers should reflect, because there is no training of good talent, not good talent.
6. Mr. Wu also mentioned the application of buddhist wisdom in management.
First he said that general Chen yi was playing chess calmly when the enemy shells hit. Here mentioned calm, objective, mind, not impatient to see the truth of things, to see the truth will have a scientific decision. For example, "all living beings on earth possess the wisdom and virtue of the Buddha". Every human being is a Buddha. Not only human beings, but every sentient life, including animals, has the same wisdom functions as the Buddha. So why are ordinary beings not buddhas? We cannot attain the realm of buddhahood only because our thoughts have blocked us and taken our false thoughts as true and clung to them.
7. Summary of essence
Since then, wu juhong, director of human resources, recalled the essence of the course in the training class and introduced the measures taken by the human resources department and the business school after the establishment, including the newly opened work communication platform, the newly established enterprise newspaper "jinbang home", the newly opened jinbang public account and the intelligent learning platform. With the gradual improvement of department deployment, the human resource team will play a greater role in leading changes and providing strategic support for the company's management and operation.
8. Question and answer interaction

Deputy general manager luo mingyou

Gaoming company manager liang weihao

Finally, on the training course deputy general manager luo mingyou, gaoming company manager liang weihao and wu teacher exchange and interaction. Deputy general manager luo pointed out the troubles he encountered in daily work: the enthusiasm of employees did not play well, they did not perform actively and diligently enough, and they did not change after communicating with employees. Mr Wu for this condition are analyzed, and talked about a personal experience, on the one hand, managers and staff communication is in place, if not, will need to improve managers' management technology and the art of communication with employees, on the other hand, to go with culture, emotion, human infection employees, promote employees, according to the facts in no way, we have to consider whether to retain employees.
9. Students' aspirations after class
Luo mingyou, deputy general manager: in the management, the personnel should be different from person to person to arrange tasks, but also training, tracking, guidance, correct authorization and give help. To the business development of the enterprise, use the enterprise advantage more.
Zhang xueyi, manager of administration department: in administrative work, we need to pay attention to the advantages of employees, listen to employees' opinions, and make continuous improvement based on the actual situation of the enterprise, so that employees can have a sense of belonging and ownership in the enterprise, so as to improve the enterprise culture.
Chen wenke, film sales supervisor: I know how to find the advantages of cultivating employees, so that the culture of the enterprise can be strengthened and strengthened, and the enterprise can truly grow. At the same time, I understand the attitude and mentality when communicating and assisting with various departments. I must be a responsible, thoughtful and executive manager.
Technology minister li changfen: the biggest benefit of the training is: (1) to their own management methods or models have a guiding role; (2) develop the advantages of different employees, reasonable arrangements can be competent work. (3) training methods or attitude towards employees should be encouraging and inclusive.
Chen chuyi, employee: as a management, we should know how to be good at employing people. People are the core of enterprise management. Excellent people can do excellent things. As employees, we should also know our personal strengths and weaknesses, dare to speak out, dare to cooperate, dare to correct, know ourselves, understand ourselves. The next is to improve their learning ability, only to keep learning, in order to innovate, in order to keep up with the new trend of social development.