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Workshop I explore a feasible plan to reduce staff and increase efficiency

Workshop I explore a feasible plan to reduce staff and increase efficiency

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Workshop I explore a feasible plan to reduce staff and increase efficiency

  Subject to the current overall employment situation, more and more enterprises recruitment difficulties. From December 2018, with the support of the management, workshop 1 explored the reduction of one person in two shifts of two adjacent production lines, and the two shifts of staff supported each other and worked together.
  The test subjects are 2 shifts on line 3 and 4 shifts on line 4, with cui qingrong and cen chun as the leaders respectively. They test two shifts to reduce one volume coordination post staff, the lack of work by extrusion post, batching post, matching coordination post, crushing post staff according to the situation to share.
  Less one person, natural is workload increased a lot. According to cen chun and cui qing-rong, although one person was missing, the production in the past six months was not affected. They repeatedly stressed that the prerequisite of making up for the post is the cooperation of the whole team, the team members should keep stable as far as possible, each post should have the sense of responsibility, actively complete the work on time, and timely prepare for the production, in order to lay a foundation for the smooth production.

Eliminate problems on the production line

  In the production site of the first workshop, although one person was missing, the production was still in order, but the employees' working pace was accelerated unconsciously. The author saw that the new staff of the extrusion post cheng yonghua did a good job of extrusion work, all the way to the volume association post, to help the next volume, packaging, and then all the way to run back to the extrusion post. Two monitor reflect, each post fill post, more or to rely on advance coordination and staff consciousness, if blindly rely on scold, it is not feasible.
  So how to enhance the coordination between the staff? Two monitor sum up, want to give full play to the advantage of old employee's technology and experience as far as possible. Cui qingrong said, the old staff's technology and experience is irreplaceable, a new staff did not grow more than half a year, it is impossible to reach the technical height of the old staff. Zhang GUI, an employee of batching post on line 3, has been working in jinbang for 8 years. He is adept at batching according to production requirements, and now he is also responsible for finding pipe cores. Every time to find the tube core, he and coordination coordination post communication, advance arrangement of ingredients, coordination coordination post work. Cen chun in the arrangement of line 4 production, especially stressed the crushing post to have skilled workers, because the work of the broken post is not fixed, the technical difficulty is not high, but because of this, there is a broken post skilled workers, can save time and effort to do the crushing work, so as to timely support volume work.

A concerted effort to

  Let the staff have the strength to support the volume of assistant post, there is an important reason, is the original position of the person post to match. Arrange positions according to employees' personalities and abilities and give full play to their advantages. For example, batching gang zhou Qingdao, small strength is not big, but careful is his biggest advantage, and batching is need careful staff, so cen chun arranged him to do batching post. < / p > < p > zhou Qingdao in the ingredients on the post can play his advantages, so that he can complete the post work, then go to do other work.
  Collaboration between two production lines is also important, as one line sometimes has no staff to fill vacancies and needs to borrow from an adjacent line. Although piecework is done collectively according to the production line, the two monitors in the same workshop, belonging to the same jinbang company, should focus on the overall production situation of the whole workshop. They also often hold pre-shift and post-shift meetings together to timely communicate the work problems of the two shift groups and make arrangements in advance for work such as rework.


  Similarly, the lack of one person also puts forward high requirements for the quality of employees, which also puts forward higher requirements for employee recruitment. How to build a fighting force, high loyalty staff, in fact, we can learn from the history of the fighting force strong army. The qijia army and the xiangan army in the middle Ming dynasty were known for their tenacity, orderliness and strict discipline. Xiangjun mainly recruited troops from shangrong, qijiajun to hard-working miners. Cui qingrong reflects, bear hardships and stand hard work, have big picture view, do not care about every detail employee is the most welcome employee in the workshop. This also reminds to recruit staff, manufacturing industry has the law of manufacturing industry, should choose from applicant guiltless, hard working, be willing to do workshop employee, the key that recruit can focus on 80 hind, have family, the person that has a bit of economic pressure, such employee stable coefficient is high. And to steal the flashy person that rape sa slip, should put an end to resolutely, although recruit entered working team, also want to clear out in time.
  Liang ping, the director of workshop I, said that the reduction of staff should not be purely seen, the assessment of work, the quality of products can not be lowered standards. Chen zhouyang, deputy manager of production, mentioned that the workload of employees is too heavy, and they should also consider their pay increase, and the salary coefficient will be increased according to the performance of employees. Now the monthly salary of 2 and 4 shifts in one workshop is generally increased by 350-400 yuan. Therefore, the cooperation between two production lines and the reduction of one employee is actually a win-win result for the company and employees.
  Workshop I explores possible solutions to reduce staff and increase efficiency, which is a comprehensive problem involving management, technology and corporate culture. Recruitment, job matching, the experience of the old staff, stable work team, the coordination before and after the shift, the priority arrangement of the broken post skilled workers, and so on are the first workshop two classes, four classes in practice summary of experience. Now, management is planning to extend the practice of co-operating with two shifts and eliminating one employee to other shifts. We look forward to more management experience summary and more management innovation.

Thank our front-line managers and workers for their hard work!