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Jinbang company organizes nail office software use training

Jinbang company organizes nail office software use training

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Jinbang company organizes nail office software use training

  Desktop office is a free communication and collaboration platform created by alibaba group for China, which aims to make work easier, more efficient and safer. In order to let employees use nails more efficiently, jinbang company organized employees to learn to use the software on May 10th.
  Training courses on the teacher is the human resources department Wu Gui 镔, she from nailing software introduction, nailing registration and establishment, nailing function is introduced to explain, with emphasis on the nailing function is introduced. Don't listen to also don't know, the original nailing there are so many practical functions, such as task DING (task DING will help you to follow up every important, ensure that every thing has a result, improve team synergy effect), bathhouse mode (all messages read 30 seconds automatically burn, not allowed to copy, forward, not retained), video conference (super clear and stable quality, support for up to 30 people attending, mobile computers can be used), knowledge (the cloud sharing high-quality goods data in all walks of life, don't have to go online to find download various materials), and so on. In class, we also experienced the face-to-face group, red packets, video meeting and other interesting nail function.
  Attended the training are the production department, planning department, human resources department and other employees interested in the use of nail office software.


Knowledge sharing

Chat with nails, work more focused

1, the interface is simple and easy to operate, no need to learn to start;
2. Chat with enterprise members without adding friends;
3, the message has not been read, not read can be transferred to DING, so that every urgent important message is quickly responded;
4. The sent message can be withdrawn within 24 hours, and group manager can be withdrawn without time limit.

Find someone quickly. Find someone without asking

No need to save the phone number, colleagues can be found in a second.
1. When you know your name, search directly in the search box at the top of the message interface or address book interface.
2. If you do not know your name, search by department in the organizational structure of the address book interface.

Bathhouses mode

Click "glasses" at the top of the chat page to enter the bathhouse mode. After entering the bathhouse mode, avatars and nicknames will be coded, screen shots useless. All messages will automatically burn up after 30 seconds of reading. No copy, forwarding or retention of messages is allowed.


We will hold more wonderful training courses in the coming days.