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Strengthen the defense line of network security

Strengthen the defense line of network security

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Jin bang company to strengthen network security training





  Near future, jin bang company network system breakdown, suspect suffers virus attack, after inviting professional personage to fight continuously, eliminated the breakdown finally. In order to improve network security awareness and strengthen network security work, the company organized a network security training on May 3.
  Training by the administration department Hu Xiansheng speaker, his lecture on the topic of "computer culture and network defense", the course from the history of computer, network defense, computer hardware and other aspects, explained the development history of computer, computer virus attack means, how to do network security aspects of knowledge, the hacker war between China and Japan, in the history of the best hackers, QQ 'knowledge learning, etc. Although some professional knowledge was difficult to understand in the whole class, due to the careful preparation of the lecturer, illustrated, deep into the simple, the audience still reported a lot of dry goods, learned a lot of knowledge.
  Employees from administration department, human resources department, production department, purchase department and other departments with a desire for computer knowledge participated in the training.

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Enterprise information security methods and skills:

  1. Enhance employees' awareness of information confidentiality. At present, many enterprise employees are mistaken about information security. Try to use a complex password for protection, rather than just a simple password, such as "123456" different accounts and files, set up different passwords, so as not to allow intruders or "leaker" opportunities. However, many enterprises do not involve information security and confidentiality in the orientation training. The lack of information security and confidentiality awareness of employees, enterprises also have a certain responsibility.
  2. Online behavior management and control. Employees' safe online behavior is becoming more and more important for enterprise data and information security, which is also an important reason for the gradual expansion of market demand for online behavior management products in the information era. Enterprises use appropriate online behavior management products, guide employees to safety online, is bound to greatly protect the security of enterprise information.
  3, firewall, antivirus software installation. The development of the Internet today makes it impossible for enterprises to conduct negotiations in various aspects without using the Internet. It is because of the openness of the Internet that enterprise information may be exposed to the vast number of Internet users at any time. Therefore, in the management of the internal network at the same time, also need to control the behavior of the external network, timely update the firewall, anti-virus software version, do a good job of computer network protection, is also an important means to prevent corporate information theft.
  4. Use encryption software to encrypt enterprise information and documents. Strengthening employees' safety awareness, installing online behavior control software, installing firewall and anti-virus software are all effective means to prevent corporate information disclosure, but these are not enough. Therefore, it is necessary for us to protect the information security of companies more effectively through encryption software. At present, the domestic encryption software industry standards have not been established, the choice of transparent encryption software manufacturers need to be careful, should be from the enterprise research and development strength, the security of the software itself, the recovery of encrypted data and the stability and compatibility of the software and easy to operate these aspects to consider.


We will hold more wonderful training courses in the coming days!!