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Breakthrough! Jinbang company in March 1, 2 production line production record high!

Breakthrough! Jinbang company in March 1, 2 production line production record high!

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Breakthrough! Jinbang company in March 1, 2 production line production record high!


In March 2019, the monthly output of no.1 production line in workshop 2 of jinbang company reached 424.679 tons, an increase of 26% over the same period last year, and the monthly output of no. 2 production line reached 485.199 tons, an increase of 12% over the same period last year. There was no return for production reasons in March. Since production line 1 started in 2004 and production line 2 started in 2011, the output of production line 2 has reached 420 tons and 480 tons respectively, and no production reasons have been returned. This is the first time that such a good result has been achieved.

Why is this report card available? Enter 2 workshop, one faction is busy working scene. The machine roar, the product in the production line smooth operation; Batching, matching, extrusion, winding, winding association, each post staff busy and orderly, this is a harmonious and beautiful industrial picture scroll. Employees' wisdom is hidden in it, their sweat is hidden in it, their dedication is hidden in it, so are the secrets of record production and zero returns.

Equipment department technician carefully maintain the machine to ensure the high efficiency of the machine. Production is the harmony of man and machine, production equipment 24 hours non-stop operation, normal machine is the premise of smooth production. In the whole march, the no. 1 production line was repaired twice in less than 10 hours, and the no. 2 production line was repaired twice in less than 2 hours. This is thanks to the technicians being responsible and maintaining the machines in place.

    The planning department and the production department strengthened coordination. In the past, the planning department only gave the workload plan for one day. Chen kaitao, a technical engineer, suggested giving the workload plan for three days in advance. After accepting this proposal, the production department staff can arrange the tasks of similar specifications together, the number of grade skipping specifications is greatly reduced, thus improving the production efficiency. Management level upgrade, march is also an important reason for the increase in output.
    Monitor organized and coordinated well, on-site inspection in time, to ensure efficient production. Wang qinming, bai xiaobo, xian rixin, tang qiao ru, fan fuping, huang hongxiang, the squad leader of the no. 2 production line, are the backbone of the company. They are the most basic managers on the production line and the key leaders. Soldiers on the battlefield assault needs the squad leader, march forward, the production line needs the squad leader, quality and quantity to complete the production task. The team leader must constantly inspect the area of the team, observe the operation of each employee, and use his eyes and legs to build a defense line of quality and efficiency for the production and safety of the team.
    Monitor pay attention to the meeting before and after the shift, pay attention to communicate information with the staff in a timely manner. Communicate with each other when there is any problem. Pre-shift and post-shift meetings are usually held on Tuesdays and fridays, but not limited to Tuesdays and fridays. If there is any problem with the production line, communicate with team members timely.
    They focused on the source. The quality of the product is closely related to the materials used. If the material has impurities, the product will be affected. Therefore, huang hongxiang, the monitor of production line 2, said that he paid special attention to check the ingredients and coordination work, to ensure that the staff should first according to the formula accurate ingredients, and second, when the material enters, clean and thorough cleaning of the outer package.
    Japanese management master kazuo inamori once said, "there is a god on the site, and the answer is always on the site". The control on the site reflects the effort of management and technology in details. The monitors are experienced, and several say they can often tell at a glance if something is wrong with a product, and they immediately order changes in production. Chen zhouyang, deputy production manager, and tan renzheng, production supervisor summarized why there was no return due to production in the same month. They also mentioned for many times that the workshop monitor had a strong sense of responsibility and managed the quality problems on the production line.
  The production staff works well. After hot stirring, the material is transferred from two rollers and conveyor belt to the finished product, which also requires the staff of each post to cooperate with each other. Only with a high degree of responsibility can employees find problems and adjust the production pace. In order to ensure smooth production, employees often take meals to the workshop and observe the changes of materials while eating. We have to say, thanks to the workers on the front line!

    As for staff management, under the leadership of deputy production manager Chen zhouyang, production supervisor tan renzheng not only stressed the strict, staff work problems will be criticized, even reduce the coefficient of wages, but also pay attention to mining the advantages of staff, reasonable allocation of work tasks, staff progress timely praise. Zhang tianwu, a new employee from liangshan, has a low education level, but is strong and willing to endure hardship. Within a month, zhang tianwu was able to work independently. The combination of leniency and strictness, pay attention to incentives, and determine the rewards and punishments according to the actual performance, are the premise of the fighting capacity of the team in workshop 2.
    The achievement of march, also be the result that company cadre worker works hard. We can see that the production line has sufficient personnel, the sales department ensures the continuity of orders, warehouse management logistics and other active cooperation, link up, together with help, to ensure that the efficiency is improved.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the company's long-term task in the future. In march, we achieved our goal, but we still have a long way to go in production. Focus on production, expand the market, adhere to keep pace with The Times, comprehensively improve the quality of management, as long as everyone united, hard work, jinbang will create a better situation, economic benefits will be further improved, jinbang will be more beautiful tomorrow!