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Rationalization award presentation was held

Rationalization award presentation was held

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Rationalization award presentation was held

 Due to the tight business development of the company, the rationalization proposal award meeting in December 2018 was postponed to April 26. On the same day, deputy general manager luo mingyou, deputy production manager Chen zhouyang, deputy culture manager huang zhijian, winners and staff of human resources department attended the meeting.

  The meeting was presided over by the director of the technical department, li changfen, luo mingyou deputy general manager in the opening speech, the rationalization proposal project can focus on the improvement of production and equipment, the company formed a ethos, we together to improve the efficiency; After the rationalization proposal, but also to strengthen the implementation of the implementation to ensure effective.




Gain entry prize have Luo Shaomei, liangping, li-yun liang, Li Changfen, Li Qixian, YanNa fly, Wu Gui bin, xue tao, wang gang.







Tan renzheng, huang jianhong and zhang xiangke won the third prize.





Huang zhijian won the second prize.





The winner of the first prize is li qixian.


   finally by huang zhijian summary, he from the perspective of corporate culture, about the rationalization proposal project is conducive to the company's production and management to fine direction of development, we hope to actively participate in the rationalization proposal project, improve the company's benefits.

From September to December 2018, a total of 136 Suggestions were received in the rationalization proposal project, among which 130 were adopted and 109 were completed, touching and solving a large number of remaining problems of the company. After four months of work, the rationalization proposals were fully rolled out, and all kinds of improvement and optimization actions were fully implemented. Next, the company will maintain the rationalization proposal trickle, a steady stream of models, every two months to carry out once, welcome staff to continue to participate, carefully found the work of optimization space.


The attachedFirst prize of rationalization proposal in December 2018



Li Qixian

First prize winner of rationalization proposal in December 2018. Here are his Suggestions:

Suggestions on specification of workshop materials

In December 2018, li qixian won the first prize of rationalization proposal, and his winning proposal project was "clarifying the specification of workshop materials". In the past, the workshop and warehouse did not coordinate well in the use of materials, resulting in confusion in the use of materials. Specific rationalization measures are proposed in the specification of workshop materials:

1. Strengthen communication between production and warehouse, pay attention to inventory, and deal with residual materials and mantissa on purpose.

2. Set up shop material guidelines and standardize the materials used by employees.

3. Establish a punishment system to punish the company's losses caused by materials not used as required.