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Fire knowledge training, build safety barriers

Fire knowledge training, build safety barriers

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Fire knowledge training, build safety barriers


   On April 11, the administration department organized a fire safety training, which was attended by the planning department, the production department, the equipment department, the workshop and other main leaders.
   This fire safety training was given by hu xiansheng. At the training meeting, the three-level fire management responsibility system of the company was reaffirmed, as well as the persons responsible for each department, workshop, warehouse and fire equipment and facilities of the company.






   In order to organize the training, the administration department conducted fire fighting investigation in each workshop and warehouse of the company in advance, and took photos of the places with fire risks. At the training meeting, hu xiansheng released the photos taken by each workshop and warehouse with PPT, and put forward the specific person in charge and corrective measures. Finally, he concluded:
   (1) all kinds of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants should not be obstructed by objects, please earnestly implement.
   (2) some area fire extinguishers and emergency lights are missing detection phenomenon, need to strengthen the understanding of the location of the fire extinguishers.
   (3) fire safety passageway and factory inspection passageway shall not be blocked, and all factory entrance and exit passageways shall be unblocked.
   (4) the equipment minister shall formulate a regular inspection system for the connection of all electrical boxes, cables and wires, and implement the requirements in place; Electrical appliances easy to cause fire alarm to be long.


The training also announced the recent chemical tank explosion accident of jiangsu tianjiayi chemical co., ltd. and the forest fire in muli county, liangshan, sichuan, two major fire safety accidents.