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2018 annual excellent employee series -- brilliant excellent employee

2018 annual excellent employee series -- brilliant excellent employee

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2018 annual excellent employee profile

Before the speech

    Dedication is easier said than done. Einstein said, "the value of a person should be determined by what he has contributed, not what he has achieved." In 2018, there is such a group of people in jinbang company who work hard and diligently. This kind of loyal, reliable, steadfast dedication to work is exactly what our manufacturing industry needs. Our colleagues learn from them, our company grows stronger because of them, and our business grows stronger because of them.

We will report the stories of the outstanding employees of 2018 in stages and continuously.
Looking forward to 2019, I hope everyone has the motivation to strive for excellence and make extraordinary achievements based on the ordinary. We will work together to improve our production, expand our sales, optimize our management and improve our efficiency.
Let us make concerted efforts to work together for a better tomorrow jinbang!
This is the story of a brilliant employee.



Gaoming jinbang excellent office staff series



Gaoming jinbang excellent office staff series

       Joined jinbang in December 2011 and is now a merchandiser in gaoming factory. From simple order receiving, account checking, invoice issuing, etc., to later learning workshop production scheduling, to the new handover of the overall work, although she did not make a particularly gratifying achievements, but she tried her best to learn from others, learn from practice, try to work better each time. An excellent employee, in addition to the necessary dedication and responsibility, but also need to have the sense of ownership, everywhere for the interests of the company to think, for the interests of the company to do. Because had this kind of master consciousness, she never looks down upon bit by bit tiny job, exercised oneself from bit by bit of work instead, promoted ability. The old saying "do not do evil but small, do not do good but small" was fully reflected in her.



Tan yulian -- warehouse keeper who makes people feel comfortable

      Joined jinbang in August 2011 and is now the warehouse keeper of gaoming factory. She was one of the earliest workers in gaoming's factory, and she always stuck to her post as a storekeeper. For years, she obeyed any company order, working nights or Sundays without complaint, and never mentioned personal benefits such as overtime pay. She has a strong executive force, a received arrangement, divide the priorities, immediate action, do not procrastinate. Sometimes, there were more than 10 specifications of products required by customers. She would arrive at the factory at 6 o 'clock in the morning to check them in advance and mark them so as not to make mistakes in a hurry. Her face is always filled with a smile, some colleagues said, she is a comfortable warehouse keeper, have her in the post, especially let people trust!



Xia weiyan - the pursuit of zero error warehouse keeper

       Joined jinbang in October 2011 and is now the warehouse keeper of gaoming factory. Because gaoming factory staff less, she in addition to do a good job of warehouse management, also often involved in procurement, can be said to be "half procurement, half warehouse management. She needs to do monthly statements, warehouse accounts and internal affairs management, understand contract terms, contact suppliers, take inventory, and cooperate with the financial department to provide various data. One work after another, one link cannot be wrong, and the next work will not catch up. Because of the financial problems involved, the pursuit of zero error work, is her goal. She kept reminding herself to keep a clear head and constantly cultivated her sense of responsibility and patience. It was hard work, but she took pleasure in it. "I just didn't like being too laid back." A hard work, a harvest, her zero error work pursuit, reflects the jin bang people work up spirit.



Yang yuanyuan -- 24-hour maintenance supervisor

Joined jinbang in April 2011 and is now the machine maintenance supervisor of gaoming factory. As soon as gaoming factory was established, he moved in as a technician. As the only mechanic in gaoming factory, he often needs to get up in the middle of the night to repair the machine or instruct the operation. Even though the workers are familiar with the operation now, he still needs to get up in the middle of the night 5 or 6 times every month. He describes himself as a mechanic who is "on call 24 hours a day." Because of daily inspection, frequent repair and maintenance, day after day, he was as familiar with the factory machinery as his own children. Machine love what trouble, when the trouble, is a cold or a fever, or serious illness, he has a reserve of targeted prescription, and the medicine is effective. Such solid technology, reliable character of the old staff, is really a treasure of the company.


Li guodong -- "quality above everything" monitor

      Joined jinbang in June 2011 and is now the production monitor of gaoming factory. He is an old employee who grew up with gaoming. He started from the basic level, experienced in each production line post, familiar with the operation of each post. As a monitor, he is good at coordinating all kinds of relations, the work in the class arranged in order. The most obvious characteristic of him is that he attaches great importance to quality. "Quality above all else" is his guiding principle. Once, he found that there was a difference between the color of the product and the customer's requirements. He immediately followed up the previous products, treated all the products as defective and reorganized the production. Because of his highly responsible attitude, under his leadership, the output and quality of the class are relatively stable.



Zhang shengwei -- monitor who is good at planning in advance

       Joined jinbang in August 2004 and is now the production monitor of gaoming factory. < / p > < p > gaoming factory, he followed daliang factory machine came to gaoming, witnessed the growth of gaoming factory. He studied technology, had a special understanding of machines, and was familiar with various production processes. Since the monitor, he has a strong sense of quality, often check the production of the class, for fear of defective products. As a manager, he has a sense of overall planning. He always plans the work of the shift in advance, foresees whether the current production will affect the subsequent production, and how to adjust the next production and deal with it. As a Chinese saying goes, "forethought leads to success, while unpreparedness leads to failure." because of his clear thinking and plans, he carried out his shift work in a step-by-step and targeted way, thus ensuring the quality and quantity of production.