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The management change conference was held

The management change conference was held

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We are gold people,
For the revitalization and development of the company, we are determined to:
With the owner's sense of mission,
In a spirit of courage and responsibility,
Actively participate in the management change of the company,
Remember: integrity, dedication, modesty, sureness, responsibility
With their own wisdom and advantages, hard work,
Jin bang for the revitalization and struggle!
On the afternoon of May 18, sonorous and powerful oath sounded in guangdong jinbang plastic packaging co., LTD., a related jinbang future revitalization and development of the general assembly -- management change mobilization conference, luo fuxing led jinbang company management change leading group members swear together, indicating that jinbang management change began to prologe. This is not only a mobilization meeting of unified ideas, but also a gathering of strength, but also a meeting of reform and innovation management reform oath! It will certainly become an important milestone in the history of jinbang. Jin bang plastic all shareholders, management staff participated in the mobilization meeting.
At the meeting, luo fuxing, chairman of the company and leader of the management change leading group, made a mobilization speech. He analyzed the reasons for the management change from the external and internal environment. He believes that at present, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, the price of raw materials and labor costs are increasing, the plastic products industry is gradually standardized, the environmental protection awareness of enterprises is enhanced, the pace of transformation and upgrading is accelerated, in this environment, "change or prepare to disappear".
Luo fuxing, chairman of the board, from the inside of the enterprise, there is a shortage of talents, a single marketing model, the management level is lagging behind, innovation awareness is not enough, some have become the bottleneck restricting the company to do better and stronger, scientific development. Therefore, it has become an urgent task for us to comprehensively and rapidly improve enterprise management level, expand productivity, improve sales ability, improve product quality and technical content, improve enterprise efficiency and benefits, and strengthen talent reserve.
In this case, how to change? The company issued a series of new reform measures. Jinbang company founded by Luo Fuxing on the mobilization meeting, chairman of the board of directors for the management of the group leader change leadership team, and hired well-known enterprise management at Wu Guangchen professor as an adviser, a comprehensive introduction of the creation of "advantage guidance law", to stimulate the initiative and creativity of people as the fundamental, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of people as the main purpose, build can maximize stimulate enterprise and employee advantage of corporate culture, establish effective advantage of employee and enterprise of modern management system, comprehensively stimulate and cultivate and strengths of all staff, maximum limit arouse the enthusiasm of people, excavate the potential of people.


Chairman luo fuxing gave a pep talk
Jinbang human resources department, according to his professor Wu Guangchen completed restructuring, jinbang business school will be established, the enterprise training system is gradually formed, ERP is ready to launch, and is about to launch equity incentive measures, the concept of change, in the will to establish a promote common growth of the enterprise culture, etc.
"Our transformation is not based on how good we were in the past. I think the gold table has a certain foundation. But under the new situation and our new goals, we need to protect it.
Professor wu guangchen spoke

Professor wu guangchen was hired as the consultant of jinbang management change group
Member of management change team of jinbang company

At the mobilization meeting, relevant personnel of the human resources department of the company interpreted the planning of jinbang business school and corporate culture planning in detail. In view of the current situation of the enterprise, jinbang business school will devote itself to establishing jinbang training system, which undertakes five functions, namely, the planner of talent cultivation, the promoter of change management, the disseminator of enterprise culture, the manager of enterprise knowledge and the supporter of partners. Recently, jinbang business school will carry out the following work: full training survey; Sort out enterprise training process, design relevant training system, and form a perfect training mechanism; Design employee career development channel, develop career development and promotion system, implement employee career planning; Establish the curriculum system based on competency model; Design enterprise teacher system construction program and corresponding internal training program for lecturers; Determine the enterprise training evaluation and assessment program; Set up the construction plan of learning culture, implement and track it, create the learning atmosphere of the enterprise, and build the learning organization. At the meeting, luo mingyou, deputy general manager of the company, and zhang xueyi, manager of the administration department, made statements respectively. They all agree that they will actively cooperate and try their best to promote the change of enterprise management.

Luo mingyou, deputy general manager, spoke
At the mobilization meeting, luo fuxing, chairman of the board of directors, announced the development goals of the company. The overall goal of the company is to achieve the target of sales of 500 million yuan in 2020. First, it is mainly based on sheet metal, so as to maintain the steady growth of sheet metal sales and benefits, and achieve the sales volume of 350 million yuan in 2020. Second, take protective film as a new growth point, to achieve 150 million sales in 2020.
To achieve this goal, in marketing, the company will change the marketing model, build a marketing team. In terms of quality, first, we should strengthen product structure, high-end product performance, and pay attention to differentiated innovation; Second, pay attention to on-site guidance, before and after the link post mutual inspection; Third, to improve the quality awareness of employees, improve the quality of personal literacy; Fourth, to enhance the staff's personal sense of discipline and work attitude; Fifth, efforts should be made to improve the individual learning awareness of employees. Luo fuxing, chairman of the board of directors, believes that the ultimate goal of management reform is to achieve the improvement of enterprise efficiency and benefits, and to achieve this goal, mainly depends on the initiative, creativity and enthusiasm of all departments.
Professor wu guangchen believes that reform is not to help the boss to cheat employees, but to help the boss to make money and help employees to make money, which is a win-win situation. "I hope I can work together with you on the development of golden bangbang and the future of golden bangbang."
"I will work with the shareholders, colleagues and our consultants to form a team, we will be under the guidance of the consultants, in the next three to five years, comprehensive management change, fight a hard battle! Luo fuxing chairman hopes that every gold bung people can be based on their own position, hard practice, improve the ability. In the management promotion activities, release their own wonderful, create a better tomorrow jinbang and everyone.
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