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2018 annual excellent employee series report -- production employee

2018 annual excellent employee series report -- production employee

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2018 annual excellent employee profile


     This is the story of an excellent production worker.



Excellent production staff series


Du zhengsheng -- "old scalper"

       I joined jinbang in April 1999, and now I am working in the first workshop. Because he is not good at words, but steadfast and willing to work, performance is good, some colleagues called him an old ox, eating grass, out of milk. The extrusion post requires the staff to endure high temperature and noise interference, observe the concentration, color and temperature of the material, and make timely judgment. In this position, he treated it with a highly serious attitude, constantly summing up experience, trying to figure out the technical mystery, and has grown into a skilled technical expert. Over the years, he with rigorous work attitude, rich experience, quality and quantity to complete the work.




Ma yongzhi - a line of love line of exquisite workers

      In July 2013, I joined jinbang, and now I am a worker of the second workshop. The working environment of the batching post is relatively dusty. Many people want to change their career soon after they start working, but they have been working for 6 years. "Do a line love line, no matter in what post, we should work earnestly down; Don't pick a job, hone yourself in the job, "was his work ethic. Over the years, he has honed in on the technology of ingredients and has been able to master the proportions of ingredients in different situations. A lot of people think, ingredient is according to the formula that the computer gives match it is, in fact, study attentively only, ability holds all sorts of delicate material quota difference accurately. This kind of professional exquisite kung fu, the premise is that he has a "line love line" the correct mentality.



Xu wenfu - "good team, really good" versatile

      Since I joined jinbang in July 2014, I have been working as an ingredient worker in workshop 3. He is responsible, responsible, technical and helpful, which is the evaluation of his colleagues. Workshop three post workers are relatively few, busy enough manpower. Xu wenfu is fond of learning at ordinary times, mastered a variety of technology, so in the time of manpower shortage, he matched good material, often volunteer to help other posts staff work, reduce the workload, he often said: "help each other, in order to do a good job in the team. "Good team is really good" sums up why he was rated excellent.



Yuan meiwen -- a craftsman who likes to use his mind

       I joined jinbang in April 2015, and now I am working in the production section. He was thin and thin, and always had a kind smile on his face. However, when he comes to work, he is a "desperate man". "Don't take one day at a time, do things with your heart and be able to solve problems." He not only has a good working attitude, but also is an expert at solving problems with his mind. According to the performance characteristics of PVC products, he reformed the slitting machine to solve the technical problem of product whitening, so that the company's products meet the requirements of some high-end customers. Yuan meiwen embodies the craftsman's spirit of professionalism, persistence, progress and innovation, which is exactly what our manufacturing industry needs most.



Zhou Qingdao - busy forget to eat ingredients expert

   I joined jinbang in December 2012, and now I'm working as an ingredient worker in workshop 1. He was small and didn't have much expression on his face. At first glance, it is hard to think of anything good about him. However, if he was asked about his post, he would answer off the top of his head. He always knew when to add, when to add more, when to add less, and the proportion between materials was just right. He keeps a high level of concentration on his work. Busy, often forget to eat; Even sometimes only half of the meal, the need for ingredients, added. Enthusiastic work, focus on work, selfless work, in the ordinary post silently dedication, this is the reason why he was rated as excellent.