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"Join hands to build a dream blossoming into the future" -- report of jinbang company's 2019 welcome party

"Join hands to build a dream blossoming into the future" -- report of jinbang company's 2019 welcome party

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Join hands to build a dream blooming future



On December 31, 2018, the New Year welcome party of jinbang company was held as scheduled. The theme of the party is: "join hands to build a dream, blossom the future". More than 500 people attended the party, including the decision-makers, management, employees, and specially invited company consultant wu guangchen, supplier representatives, and customer representatives of jinbang company in daliang, wusha and gaoming.


At 5:30 PM, the warm-up session began, the staff dressed up as god of wealth and little pig, while to the audience yi, hair candy, while loudly said: "happy New Year", "kung hei fat choi" and other blessing language. On the other hand, there are also staff in advance prepared red packets WeChat group, began to give out red packets. The "god of wealth", "little pig" and the rain of red envelopes quickly ignited the atmosphere, attracting the audience's first wave of emotions. In the lively sound, a singing lover on stage to belt out a song youth march "light years away", the atmosphere of the full warm. After that, the employee wishes video. In video, luo fuxing, chairman of the board of directors, the company's decision makers, management, and employees of each department expressed their gratitude to their colleagues and wishes for the New Year in their own ways.

At six o 'clock, the four presenters appeared, looking back fondly on the company's history and announcing the formal opening of the party amid the fluttering fireworks. Chairman luo delivered a welcome speech on stage. In the speech, chairman luo not only expressed the New Year wishes, but also on the company's future strategic planning elaborated, let everyone at the end of the year feel new passion, new hope!



Next, the wonderful program began to perform. The ebullient "seaweed dance" was the first to hit the scene, with the cast dancing to the music in animal suits. The singing fans brought wonderful songs such as "rolling Yangtze river east of the dead water", "desert camel", "good brothers" and "silence is gold". The employees of yi nationality presented the toast song of yi nationality and the hot dance of da ti on the party. Many audience members couldn't help but leave their seats and scramble to take photos and video of the yi actors. The gold babies come on stage, performing allegro, or hulusi, or walking across the stage. On the stage filled with children's unique childlike and youthful, let people feel jin bang big family vitality in forever!


Seaweed dance



Of body dance



Baby show




The party also prepared 2 rounds of fresh face game: pig eight quit carry daughter-in-law, drink beer contest. By two male two female act pig eight quit and daughter-in-law respectively, two "pig eight quit" took off shoe, carry "daughter-in-law", companion is worn "pig eight quit carry daughter-in-law" music, compare to walk speed on the mat of thorn foot, let everybody admire their physical strength really. The contest attracted six or seven men who were asked to finish two cans of beer in a minute. Although the beer drinking contest stage a mess, but also let people feel the full flavor of the year.
That night, the management not only toasted the staff, but also to show the determination of the management to lead the staff to overcome difficulties and push the cause of the gold list to a higher level, they jointly dedicated the chorus "true hero" on the stage. The party set up a lottery with gradient prizes, including: grand prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and mystery prize. The grand prize that people look forward to most is after management collective chorus, pull out by luo chairman.


❖ Game "pig eight quit carry daughter-in-law"





The game "I can, I can"



Management toast




Some lucky winners




With the end of chairman luo's lucky draw, the host announced the end of the party at 8:38. Ah, no special design, perhaps accidental contain inevitable, casual party in an auspicious end time. People, in twos and threes, were reluctant to part from each other, and the cheerful atmosphere of the party remained in their hearts for a long time.
This gala is the festival of jinbang people, it is the Spring Festival gala of jinbang people. The success of the party indicates a better future for jinbang!