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Excel basic training training report

Excel basic training training report

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Excel basic training


    Excel is an important member of the Office software launched by Microsoft. It is also one of the most popular software about spreadsheet processing. With powerful functions of calculation, analysis and charts, it is the most commonly used office data table software. Realizing digitization and fine management is the goal of every professional.

In order to promote the development of the company efficient, improve employee job skills and efficiency of the human resources department in 2018 to December 21, organize the staff in the training room in the Excel basic operation skills training, invite human resource generalists li-jun hong and conduct training for everyone, class teacher introduced the Excel spreadsheet hong shortcuts, commonly used tools, pivot tables, etc., and probes into the key function is commonly used in detail.


Speaker: hong lijun, hr specialist


At the scene of the training





Excel knowledge encyclopedia


1Introduction to two common tools


 Freezing tool:

Click to select a row/column/cell, then click view → freeze pane → freeze split pane in the menu bar. Click on the black line above the cell will be fixed. Also on view you can set cancel.



Sorting tools:
Find "data" in the toolbar → click "column" → click the interface "separator" → click "next" → tick or select other symbols to fill in according to the table contents and continue to the next step. 【 tips 】 remember to modify the data format after the column.


2Introduction to common functions