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Mountain high water long, margin in jinbang

Mountain high water long, margin in jinbang

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   Guangdong jinbang plastic packaging co., LTD actively expanded employment channels, contacted shunde district civil affairs and human resources bureau and district employment center, and obtained the opportunity to participate in the job fair in liangshan yi autonomous prefecture of sichuan.


Warmly welcome compatriots from liangshan, sichuan to work in jinbang

On the afternoon of November 30, the high commissioner of human resources of jinbang company arrived in liangshan, sichuan province, with a full backpack and expectations.


Job fair scene











    This is the first time that jinbang company tries to recruit production staff in different places in batch. In order to make the new compatriots who are unfamiliar with each other successfully open the career path of jinbang, on December 3, the human resources department organized the management level to hold the meeting of "sichuan liangshan employee recruitment management communication". This meeting introduced the liangshan recruitment project, and determined the follow-up reception, training this batch of workers series of special measures.


    On December 4, the hr department went through the procedures for new employees and organized induction training. The staff introduced shunde's customs and customs and the company's corporate culture to the new employees, reminded them of the changes they should make in life and work, and helped them adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.


Pre-service training

    On December 5, the production department conducted pre-job training for the new employees, introduced our company's production management system, production process and post operation, and organized them to visit the workshop, so that the new employees could better understand the work of each post in the workshop. Staff also organize one-on-one talks with new employees to learn about their cultural background, personality and past professional experience, so as to match them with the right job.

Tea party

At 6 PM on December 5, the production department and the human resources department jointly held a tea party to welcome the new employees and answer their questions. At the tea party, the new employees opened their hearts and spoke freely, which brought them closer to jinbang company.


Big lover social bureau condolences

   This recruit job, also get big lover social bureau care. They go deep jin bang, to the new staff condolences. Jin bang company and da liang social bureau organized the docking meeting, jin bang company introduced the progress of recruitment and training, da liang social bureau affirmed the work of jin bang company, and said that it would continue to follow up this project, and summarize the experience of jin bang to promote to other companies.


In the next stage, jinbang company will continue to carry out targeted training for new employees on production safety, product knowledge and corporate culture, so as to comprehensively improve the employment ability of migrant workers, strive for migrant workers in jinbang "recruitment, retention and good use", and strive to promote the smooth employment and stable employment of new employees in jinbang.

Hope liangshan new employees can integrate into jinbang company as soon as possible, and jinbang company together with common development, create a better jinbang tomorrow!


New staff photo