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Keep fire fighting consciousness to ensure production safety

Keep fire fighting consciousness to ensure production safety

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Jinbang production safety knowledge training


Everyone speaks safety, everything for safety;
Always think of safety, safety everywhere;
Production must be safe and safety promotes production;




Host - hu xiansheng

     In order to improve employees' basic knowledge of production safety, improve their awareness of prevention and enhance their self-protection ability, jinbang company organized employees to carry out a training on production fire safety knowledge on the afternoon of November 22, 2018. Hu xiansheng, administrative commissioner, served as the keynote speaker of the training. He first introduced the theoretical knowledge on production safety, and then played the video materials related to production safety. Every set of data and pictures in the video data are shocking, making employees deeply feel the importance of safe production. Finally, zhang xueyi, manager of administration department, also organized staff representatives to analyze a recent safety accident in our company, and asked everyone to put the theoretical knowledge of safety production into practice.


At the scene of the training


Warm tips

The difference between fire extinguishers:
1. Dry powder fire extinguisher: suitable for fighting fires of petroleum products, paints and organic solvents. It can suppress the chain reaction of combustion and put out the fire. Also suitable for extinguishing liquid, gas, electrical fire (dry powder has more than 50,000 volts of electrical insulation performance). Some can also fight solid fires. Dry powder extinguishers do not extinguish light metal fires.
2, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are in high pressure gas cylinders are stored carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing after a trace, suitable to save valuable equipments, archives, computer indoor fire, it is not conductive electric low voltage electrical equipment is suitable for fighting fire and oil, but do not use it saves potassium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum material, such as a fire.
3, foam extinguisher: foam can cover the surface of the burner, prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for fighting liquid fire, not water soluble flammable, flammable liquid fire (such as: alcohol, ester, ether and other substances) and electrical fire.
4. 1211 fire extinguisher (currently used by jinbang company) : use nitrogen pressure in the cylinder to spray 1211 fire extinguishing agent out of the fire. It belongs to the type of pressure storage. 1211 fire extinguisher is mainly used to extinguish inflammable, flammable liquid, gas, metal and electrical equipment of the initial fire; Put out and rescue precision instruments, instruments, valuable goods and materials, precious cultural relics, books and archives, etc. Fight against the initial fire on the surface of solid materials in aircraft, ships, vehicles, oil depots, hotels and other places.