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Sales management expansion meeting & marketing strategy training

Sales management expansion meeting & marketing strategy training

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Sales management expansion meeting & marketing strategy training

On October 17, the company held the "sales management expansion meeting and marketing strategy training" co-chaired by the human resources director wu juhong and the management consultant wu guangchen. 23 members of the management change team and the sales team of jinbang company attended the meeting.
This sales management expansion meeting USES a new way of meeting -- guided meeting, in which the host ACTS as the facilitator to urge all participants to actively express their ideas and participate in the discussion.

      First of all, director wu presented several sets of sales data, which showed the status quo of jinbang company in terms of sales, payment collection and customer level. Then all participants to the company's sales of the existence of the advantages and disadvantages to make a full expression. And the use of visual guidance wall to present their views. After comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages, all the staff came up with the first round solution of "how to improve the sales performance of the company".


        Mr. Wu guangchen, the management consultant of the company, supervised the work of the sales team on site and provided participants with a training on "production-oriented product marketing strategy".


       According to the characteristics of the products we sell, we propose to change the marketing mode: a. B. change marketing into knowledge marketing; C. value-added service for changing interpersonal relationship; D. from enterprise business school to enterprise college. After the training, participants, under the guidance of director wu, launched a new round of discussion on "sales promotion landing action". Sales expansion meeting landing project 6 items into three items:

1. Incentive and management system of sales salary (including development expenses, attendance of salesmen, communication on delivery time, etc.)
2. Training and learning to improve skills by changing concepts (including sales team and operation team)
3. Handling customer quality problems (including production technology, quality team and planning team division support)
Specific each project will be further held special meetings to jointly promote the implementation.


       After the meeting, all the members of the sales team expressed their feelings. Now let's listen to their voices:

     Through this training, the heart inevitably caused ripples. The feeling is very big, the harvest is quite abundant. Although I had thought about this before, there was something missing. This training allowed me to expand my thinking and improve my thinking. At the same time strive to develop a more clear direction, more careful.

After professor wu points out several major aspects of the case analysis: 1, our sales have the advantages. 2. Current sales challenges. 3. Our response plan. 4. Sales promotion and landing action. As a team "fight", business philosophy of the relay, guide of customers buying material, multiple identities play that we must be better than others, must understand fully than others, cognitive must also be deeper than others, in conversation with the customer we must play dominant status, and because of that, sense motive, random strain, interpersonal communication, bear, so the ascension of sales skills is a must.
How to improve sales skills? There is no standard answer, but one point is: use theory to guide practice, with practice to prove the theory; With action traction thought, with thought assisted action; Summarize experience, analyze reasons and learn lessons.
"Never too old to learn" constantly armed with knowledge. Delete yesterday's failure, determine today's success, design tomorrow's brilliant. -- huang jianquan, deputy sales manager


  The sales meeting held on October 17th was a great success. The brainstorming mode brought great enthusiasm and initiative.

First of all, director wu showed some data prepared in the early stage to the sales staff and the heads of all departments, so that everyone could see clearly the current situation of jinbaoban company in terms of sales, payment collection, household level and other aspects, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.
Then, professor wu for management, communication and marketing personnel quality promotion, etc, put forward the unique insights, professor wu combined with its own sales experience gives some promotion strategy, marketing path, marketing methods, as well as the key concept, first as a marketing staff to improve their quality, beyond themselves, enhance the value of their own. Market yourself. At the same time, Mr. Wu also mentioned that corporate culture has a great influence on product sales, so every enterprise should have its own culture, from enterprise business school to enterprise academy. The company's business school is already doing well.
Finally, director wu guided everyone to summarize and list the advantages of jinbang company in sales by commenting on the advantages of jinbang company. As well as the areas that can be improved in sales or the existing shortcomings, summarize and classify them and finally reflect on them. As a member of golden list company, I can immediately put into action to improve the current situation. At the same time, I also mentioned some demands of the sales staff.
The whole meeting lasted a whole morning, and everyone's enthusiasm and enthusiasm remained unchanged from the beginning to the end. This is a very successful training meeting, and I hope that everyone can make Suggestions for the company and put them into action. I will start from myself and become a person more valuable to the company. Bring achievement to company sales! -- liu zhi, foreign trade clerk

  Through this class, let us jinbang internal staff fully understand their own shortcomings, clearly understand the need to strengthen, improve the place and improve their own quality.

Professor wu when it comes to the most impressive part in the teaching of "improve the added value", the "added value" is not to say that the product increase how much profit, but the product can help customers outside, for example, in view of the existing problems in the company, in view of the problems put forward a series of improvement scheme, let the customer feel our strong culture, background, main products to also can receive the order.
Big customers don't lack of focus on product supplier, of course good product is hardware, supporting services, it is important to increase added value of this, as do the above points, so it is more than a supplier to use relationship, even your customer as a teacher, the more respect you, if the salesman have this condition, believe orders will be rolling in and word of mouth going the rounds ten word. -- salesman weng zhifa

      To improve the quality of the sales team and strengthen the production technology, logistics, logistics and other teams to work together, will be the root of the product market competitiveness and share increase.

Many hands make light work. Next, we will keep our feet on the ground and take every step of the reform.