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Jinbang core values and ten visions

Jinbang core values and ten visions

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        On the morning of September 13, 2018, the management of guangdong jinbang plastic packaging co., LTD made a resolution on cultural matters. At the meeting, the core values of jinbang and the ten visions of jinbang were sorted out.

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Jinbang core values
Integrity is responsible for
Quality and efficient
Pragmatic innovation
Win-win cooperation
Golden list of ten visions


▲1. In jinbang, work regardless of high or low, everyone can play their smart talent.
▲2. In jinbang, everyone for the hard work of the enterprise has a reasonable matching return; Individual and enterprise develop together.
▲3. In jinbang, everyone has a sense of crisis, to maintain every day to go all out, there is no fixed position, there is no once and for all market.
▲4. In jinbang, character and consciousness are higher than ability. The first choice of talents is to have integrity and integrity of character and open cooperation, responsible consciousness.
▲5. In jinbang, people cooperate and trust each other to form a cohesive and efficient fighting team.
▲6. In jinbang, we provide customers with high quality products and efficient service.
▲7. In jinbang, we drive development with technology and create the future with innovation. Technology and innovation are our core work.
▲8. In jinbang, the revitalization of the national industry, to become the benchmark of Chinese plastic sheet film products, is our dream.
▲9. In jinbang, hand in hand public welfare, give back to the community, is our original intention.
▲10. In jinbang, we advance with The Times, forge ahead bravely, always ready to meet challenges.