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Guangdong Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.     粤ICP备11066138号-1      Manager

Address: No. 38, Fengxiang Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: 0757-22213007/22227324
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The headquarters of Guangdong Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxiang Industrial Park, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan City. It was established in May 1995. It covers an area of more than 23,000 square meters and has a registered capital of 15 million yuan. It is a food-grade packaging material with R&D, design, production and sales as a whole. It mainly deals with PVC hard rolled sheets, PET environmental protection sheets and other food-grade packaging materials, providing customers with professional services. High-tech enterprises with chemical products and services now have modern production bases in Daliang, Wusha and Gaoming.



2018 is the 40th anniversary of our country's reform and opening up. Jinbang Company has also experienced 23rd anniversary of development. Talking about errors in the country and doing practical work to rejuvenate the country. Only by doing things steadily can we achieve long-term stability. Looking back on the 23 years of hard work, every point of Jinbang's progress and growth should be thankful for the concern and support of the vast customer groups, encouragement and encouragement, as well as your sincere trust in Jinbang! In this regard, all the people of the Golden List will always be grateful.


core values


  ten visions


1. In the Golden List, no matter how noble or humble the work is, everyone can exert their wisdom and ability.
2. In Jinbang, everyone's hard work for the enterprise has reasonable matching returns; individuals and enterprises develop together.
3. In the Golden List, everyone has a sense of crisis, and keeps working hard every day. There are no fixed positions and no once-and-for-all market.
4. In the Golden List, character and consciousness are higher than ability. The first step in selecting talents is to have the character of integrity and honesty, and the consciousness of open cooperation and responsibility.
5. In Jinbang, people work together and trust each other to form a cohesive and efficient combat team.
6. In Jinbang, we provide high-quality products and efficient services to our customers.
7. In Jinbang, we use technology to drive development and create the future with innovation. Technology and innovation are our core work.
8. In Jinbang, it is our dream to revitalize the national industry and become the benchmark of plastic sheet and film products in China. (Core Vision)
9. In Jinbang, it is our original intention to join hands with the public and give back to the society.
10. In Jinbang, we are keeping pace with the times, advancing bravely and always ready to meet the challenges.



The registered capital of the company is 15 million yuan. Its headquarters is located at No. 38 Fengxiang Road, Fengxiang Industrial Park, Daliang, covering an area of 23,000 mu.


Yang Yanyin, then Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State, went to Jinbang Company to learn more about the transformation of enterprises, production situation and current difficulties, and carefully understand the production and living conditions of disabled employees, and encourage enterprises to strive to improve the employment environment and enhance the company's brand.


The joint venture company "Shunde Jinbang Protective Membrane Co., Ltd" was established, and its business scope is expanding constantly.


The company seizes the opportunity to introduce planetary extruder - five roll calendering unit, vigorously develop sheet business, annual output increased by 3000 tons.


To enter the PET sheet industry, expand the company's business volume, improve quality, invest in three-layer co-extrusion PET production units, to develop functional plastic sheets.


The company has obtained the "food plastic packaging container tools and other production licenses", product use areas continue to expand.


It has been awarded as "the key supporting enterprise of Shunde District High Quality Enterprise Growth Project (Longteng Plan)", and is the only welfare enterprise selected in Shunde District.


Foshan Gaoming District Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Guangdong Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

Located in Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District, covering an area of about 23,000 meters, it was established in May 2011 and mainly produces PET environmental protection sheets.

The company is a research and development, design, production and sales as one, with PVC rigid calendered sheets, PET environmental protection sheets and other food-grade series packaging products as the main business.

Foshan Gaoming District Jinbang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

Located in Daliang Wusha Industrial Zone, Shunde, covering an area of about 23,000 meters, it was established in April 2010 and mainly produces PE protective film.

Guangdong Jinbang Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.









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